Senior Wellness Program

Celebrating Senior Wellness!

We are pleased to present the launch of our new Senior Wellness Program here at Hillside!  While age itself is not a disease, there are many changes that can be expected as our beloved pets get older.   We’d like to help you prepare for these changes, know what to look out for, and learn what options are available to your pet to keep him/her comfortable during the senior years.

At the time of your Annual Wellness Exam for your pet, we would like to also book you some complimentary time with one of our Registered Animal Health Technologists.  At this time, we can help answer any questions you may have, and provide you with tools that will help you prepare for, and identify changes in your pet.

Please call us for more information on senior pets.   Also, we encourage you to read the article Living with an Older Pet as a great resource for your senior cat or dog.

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We were voted #1 in the Best of the City Awards for 2018! Thanks to all of our wonderful clients for their support year after year!