Updates to our phone system!

Update May 28, 2014 - Thank you to everyone who provided their feedback about our proposed phone system changes. Most clients let us know they did not like the ideas proposed, so we have postponed any phone changes. We are currently investigating other options to improve our phone service and reduce time on hold.

April 30, 2014 - In our ongoing efforts to provide our clients with the best care for your pets and efficient attention to your needs, we will be changing our telephone answering system. When you call the hospital starting May 22nd, your call will be answered by an auto attendant and you will be directed to one of our receptionists, or to another option. If you would prefer to speak to a real person when you call our hospital, you still can. However, if you just need to make an appointment, place a food order, or get a prescription refilled, we are hoping you will not mind leaving us a message. In addition, you will soon be able to connect directly with, or leave a message for, our rehabilitation staff or our practice manager.

If after a two month trial, the majority of the feedback from our clients is not positive, we will change it back to the way it is now. We are hoping though, that you will find this new system will give you more uninterrupted attention at our reception desk  and less time on hold when you call us.

 Thanks for giving this a try!

From the Doctors and staff at Hillside Veterinary Hospital

Side Box

We were voted #1 in the Best of the City Awards for 2018! Thanks to all of our wonderful clients for their support year after year!