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Rehabilitation Stories – Nina’s Story

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Meet Nina, she is a 5-year-old mixed breed from Mexico. She was adopted at 3 months of age and grew rapidly into a large breed dog when we expected her to be small to medium in size. She never grew into a fit, muscular dog and our veterinarian quickly discovered there was something wrong. After an abundance of diagnostic treatments including radiographs blood panels and joint taps, it was revealed that she had polyarthritis (arthritis affecting many joints) and the underlying cause was still unknown. Our vet then decided to treat her clinical symptoms with several medications and from her positive response to antibiotics, it was determined that the cause of her malaise was due to a bacterial infection, Lyme disease that was destroying her muscular-skeletal systems.

Soon after getting her condition under control, we needed an appropriate 

diet to help build muscle with high protein levels and lower in calories to keep a healthy lean body mass. Rayne Healthy Reduction is loaded with omega fatty acids to help keep her inflammation under control and therefore keeps Nina’s requirement for pain medication at a minimum. We almost lost Nina to this disease many times, it would render her unable to stand or even sit comfortably. She has been eating Rayne Clinical Nutrition Healthy Reduction for over 2 years now and has been doing really well, she has gained over a centimetre in muscle girth and can be a happy healthy, athletic dog with rehabilitation every week and premium quality food. Rayne Clinical Nutrition works really well and we love that it is made with whole ingredients and naturally keeps Nina strong, fit and healthy.

A very special thanks to Dr. Newman and Karen whom without their help and guidance, Nina would not be around to see her fifth birthday.

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