Hospital Tour

Welcome! Our hospital facility is fully equipped to offer you and your pet the highest quality care. We've done our best to create a warm, welcoming environment for you and your pet. Our hospital is fully equipped with a wide range of diagnostic, therapeutic, and surgical equipment, as well as space for our varied medical modalities.

Our reception area features a selection of over-the-counter pet food and pet care products, refreshments for our clients, comfortable seating, toys for children, and our popular video slideshow.

Our facility features three examination rooms. Two of the rooms are equipped with fold-up exam tables to accomadate our larger-sized patients.

We have separate kennel areas for cats and dogs, as well as a kennel area that functions as an ICU as well as an isolation area. We use blankets and mats to create comfortable resting places for our patients while they are kenneled.

Our staff use a central treatment room to perform procedures such as dentistry, blood collection, trimming nails, and minor medical procdures, while surgeries are performed in our surgical suite equipped with full anesthetic and monitoring equipment.

X-ray is performed on site in our radiology room with our new digital x-ray equipment.

Our hydro treadmill is housed in a large room dedicated to canine rehabilitation and physical therapy. Attached is a quiet, separate room used for chiropractic, massage and acupuncture therapies.

Upstairs is our office space, staff room, and laboratory, where we can perform most blood and urine testing on-site.

Your pet is always welcome to visit our hospital for a “meet and greet” and a cookie!

Side Box

We were voted #1 in the Best of the City Awards for 2018! Thanks to all of our wonderful clients for their support year after year!