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Rabbit Services

Rabbits are fast and fierce pets who come in all shades, sizes and personalities. At our hospital, your pet rabbit is guaranteed care from newborn to senior. If they need specialized attention, we will refer them to a veterinarian familiar with their condition and how to treat them. To find out how we can support your rabbit, call us at 250-598-4477.

What services do you provide for rabbits at your facility?

Our veterinarians are able to spay or neuter your rabbit. We offer annual veterinary exams, dermatological care and vaccinations to keep your pet’s immune system strong.

Is getting my rabbit spayed or neutered mandatory?

It’s not mandatory but it is highly recommended for their safety and yours. If your rabbit has a companion, they will likely reproduce at a rapid rate. In fact, they can get pregnant again within a month (or less) of giving birth. Having too many litters can be overwhelming for your home. Also, spaying or neutering your rabbit ensures they avoid reproductive diseases, which helps them live longer.