To our valued clients:

In an attempt to continue providing our community and our clients veterinary care and supplies for the four-legged members of our families, we at Hillside Veterinary Hospital will be implementing the following changes and restrictions starting immediately.​
We are all struggling with trying to do our best in light of the COVID19 virus pandemic, and we appreciate your patience, understanding and cooperation with the changes we are implementing. Some of these changes and restrictions have been forced upon us due to shortages from manufacturing and supply sources. Please be assured that we are doing everything we can to ensure that we will continue to have food and medications available for your pets’ needs. We are hopeful that in short time life will return to the normal it was before this virus entered our lives. However, please continue to visit us on Facebook or at our website for updates regarding any further changes or restrictions that we may have to put in place for the safety of you and our staff.​
 *** To reduce the quantity of incoming calls, we encourage you to use the PetDesk app  or email us at [email protected] to place your orders for food and refills for prescriptions​
• HVH will be open 7 days/week  8:00 – 6:00​
• food orders are now limited to 1 bag/1 flat of cans per animal in the household at a time​
• all sales including prescriptions will be delivered to you outside of the building.  ​
• Please call us to alert us that you’re here ​
• Please phone in your credit card or preferably prepay over the phone​
• Please use Debit or Credit card (avoid cash whenever possible)​
• We will not be seeing wellness or vaccine appointments until further notice​
• evening emergencies should go to Central Victoria Veterinary Hospital, or WAVES​
• Appointments will be limited to 30 minutes​
• Only one client at the reception desk at a time​
• only one owner in exam room with patient and veterinarian​
• please maintain a distance of 2 meters (6 feet) from HVH staff when you are in the building​​
• no elective surgeries until further notice (Please email or call us if you are not sure whether your pet’s surgery is elective)​
• We are limiting RVT appointments to the hours of 1-5pm​
• only essential appointments including cartrophen injections will be taken​
• These appointments will be done outside the building if possible, always considering the safety and welfare of your pet, of course.​ ​
• Will be taken during the hours of 8-6 ​
• We will be seeing essential appointments only​
• Clients must come in through our rehab door in the back of our building and unfortunately will not Have access to other HVH facilities​​
• only one client per pet will be allowed in the HVH reception area at a time​
• only one client per pet will be allowed in an exam room with their veterinarian​
• please do not come if you have any cold/flu symptoms, have recently travelled or have been in contact with someone who has recently travelled​
***NOTE: ​
Please understand that these restrictions and requests may change suddenly and often, with little notice, as our knowledge of COVID and the situation changes. Unfortunately, things may get more restrictive before they return to normal. We apologize in advance. Please return frequently to this page for updated information.​
Thank you,​
Owners and Management​
Hillside Veterinary Hospital​