Testing your pet’s blood is a routine practice for every veterinary office. Their blood work reveals the condition of their organs, allergies and invisible medical conditions. We do them at every veterinary appointment, before surgeries and to test for particular diseases. Thanks to our in-house laboratory, we’re able to get results within a day. The sooner we learn the condition of your pet’s health, the faster we can treat them. To learn more about your pet’s blood work and how it helps us care for them, book an appointment by calling 250.598.4477.

What’s the benefit of your in-house laboratory?

One major benefit of having a laboratory at our hospital is that your pet’s care is accelerated. Within a day, their status can go from being tested to being diagnosed and provided with a specialized treatment plan. Our in-house laboratory and registered veterinary technologists allow us to assess the wellness of your pet with quick and accurate results. Blood work isn’t the only matter analysed at our laboratory. We offer a full range of diagnostic tests, including urinalysis and fecal testing. Our laboratory equipment is upgraded regularly as medical technology advances.

Are blood tests mandatory at every vet visit?

Some animals don’t like needles. We get it and it’s common. However, getting their blood tested at every visit keeps us up-to-date on their medical condition. We’re able to monitor their health and spot medical conditions that could be an issue in the future; if they have surgery or when they enter their senior years. Without blood work, we’re unable to detect how they’ll respond to anesthesia pre-surgery. These are important facets in providing them optimal care and keeping them safe in our hospital.