Dental Care

As fellow pet owners, we know how hard it can be to care for your pet’s oral hygiene. Not only must owners regularly brush their pet’s teeth but they must also be vigilant in searching for signs of decay or discomfort. This can be especially tricky for resistant pets. A dental appointment with our veterinarians allows us to be thorough in the ways you may find difficult. Call us at 250.598.4477 to have your pet’s teeth checked out.

How do your dental consultations benefit my pet?

Our veterinarians and registered veterinary technologists are happy to meet with you to examine your pet’s mouth and identify any areas that may need attention. They’re familiar with plaque and tartar build up and can show you how to spot and prevent it. We’re especially considerate towards pet parents with a strong-willed furry companion who doesn’t enjoy getting their teeth or gums brushed. We can offer tips for home dental care such as teeth brushing, dental chews, and dental diets that may be appropriate for your pet and make it easier for you to manage their oral hygiene.

What happens during a dental appointment?

Cleanings and other dental procedures are performed while a patient is under anesthetic and involves several steps. While under anesthetic, patients receive IV fluids and close monitoring. Teeth are scaled by hand and with ultrasonic scalers to remove tartar both above and below the gum line. Teeth are then polished to slow down plaque build-up. We use X-rays to identify disease in root structures, as well as abscesses, bone loss, or other damage to teeth. When teeth are too diseased to be saved they must be extracted, which may include a local anesthetic and suturing of the extraction site.