Pet parents will know their furry companion is having skin problems if they’re constantly itching, licking or gnawing at their fur. These are clear signs of discomfort. Your pet should be examined by our veterinarians as soon as possible in these instances. There are many reasons your pet may be experiencing these skin problems, including allergies and parasitic infections. To schedule your pet for a dermatology appointment with us, call 250.598.4477.

What kind of medical conditions can cause my pet to have skin or fur problems?

Your pet’s skin problems can be triggered by the infestation of lice, ticks and mites. These parasites can bite and reproduce rapidly on their host’s skin. This will cause extreme itchiness and bacterial infections to develop. Pets can also develop skin problems from food allergies, psychological distress and poor nutrition.

How do you test and diagnose my pet with a skin problem?

We’re able to detect skin problems through full-body examinations. If you’re concerned about your pet’s behaviour or the condition of their skin let us know. We take all concerns very seriously. You may have spotted a rash, bump or thinning fur. If that’s the case we will immediately investigate. Our veterinarians will inspect their ears, nails and fur for signs of irritation, decay or external parasites. We’ll also do a blood test to search for internal parasites or potential allergies. X-rays are helpful diagnostic tools, as they reveal abnormalities forming in your pet’s body that may be causing them distress. When animals are in pain they tend to give their afflicted area a lot of attention, leading to bald patches and raw skin.