Unfortunately hundreds of pets go missing each year. Sometimes the only thing preventing them from being reunited with their pet parents is the lack of a microchip. Microchips carry the number and address of their owners. When veterinarians or animal shelter employees scan a pet and find this information, owners are immediately contacted. Just like us, they understand the concern that comes with being separated from a furry companion. To get your pet microchipped and ensure their safety should they get lost, book an appointment by calling 250.598.4477.

How is the microchip inserted?

The chip is the size of a rice grain that is inserted just under their skin between their shoulder blades using a small needle.

How long does it take to get a pet microchipped?

Inserting the microchip is a quick and easy procedure. It takes less than 30 seconds and is barely felt by your pet. If anything, it will feel like a small pinch.

How do I register my pet’s microchip?

Before your pet is microchipped, you will be given forms to share your contact information with a pet registry. Filling out these documents is a way we can help you organize your information and introduce you to a pet recovery registry. It is up to you to confirm your registration with them and update your information should you move or change your phone number.