Parasite Control and Prevention

Fleas, lice, ticks, and worms are what we call parasites. They invade your pet’s skin, blood and intestines and cause long-term damage if not detected early. Parasite prevention includes medication and lifestyle practices that keep your pet safe from infestations. Ensuring your pet is protected from parasites is a lifelong process. To get your pet started on their preventative journey, book an appointment by calling 250.598.4477.

What lifestyle practices should I consider to keep my pet safe from parasites?

Besides providing their prevention medication, there are actions you can take to reduce your pet’s chances of encountering a parasite. Where your pet lives, goes for walks and exercises plays a major role in their exposure. Ticks are found in wooded areas, sometimes there are environmental alerts informing people of popular tick locations. Heartworms are transported through mosquitoes, so your pet is more likely to be infected in the summer if they live in bushy areas. Fecal matter also carries worms or their larvae. If your pet sniffs or accidentally licks another pet’s fecal matter they can contract parasites and even spread it themselves. This is why pet owners should always thoroughly pick up after their pet.

Is preventative medication available at your hospital?

Yes it is! We do our best to ensure pet owners don’t have to trek around the city for their pet’s medical needs. We have a well-stocked pharmacy. We carry a range of products to help keep your pet free from parasites. Many of these products require a veterinarian’s prescription that our veterinarians are able to provide when you book an appointment.