Senior Care

So your pet has reached the wisest time of their life; old age. They may be walking slower and be less eager to play but that usually means they’re reflecting harder on the wonders of our existence. As a result, pet parents will have to work harder to care for their pet. This includes a higher frequency of veterinary trips and forcing them to be active. Our veterinarians will be able to offer direction and support when we’ve noticed the first signs of their senior years. To learn more about how your pet’s lifestyle may change in their old age, call us at 250.598.4477 to make an appointment.

Why will my pet need to visit the vet more?

When your pet reaches their senior years, we recommend increasing their veterinary visits to twice a year rather than once a year. As their immune system gets weaker, they will be more vulnerable to diseases or infections. Monitoring their health more often will allow us to detect the early signs of any medical condition they may encounter.

What kind of medical conditions can my pet develop in old age?

As your pet gets older they will develop mentally and physically debilitating changes. Arthritis and obesity are common issues for aging pets. Both of these conditions put a strain on your pet’s mobility and can lead to a shorter life span for your pet if not treated regularly and as soon as possible. They may also develop cancer or diseases in their organs, such as their kidneys and bladder. We’ll be able to detect these kinds of illnesses through routine blood tests at their semi-annual veterinary appointments. Your pet may start to appear confused and behave strangely. This could be due to dementia, memory loss or simply impaired vision.

How can I help my pet as they get older?

Your pet will need to make changes to their diet and exercise routine to accommodate their body’s changes. They will need your commitment and discipline. Taking the advice of your veterinarian is the first step in catering to their old age. It also helps to get them specialized care through our rehabilitative services and nutritional counselling. They’ll receive the best support for any discomfort associated with old age and supplements to keep their immune system strong. Most importantly, keep them active and shower them with lots of love and attention to keep their spirits high.