Surgical Services

At Hillside Veterinary Hospital, we perform a wide variety of surgeries to treat injuries, genetic conditions and diseases your pet may develop. We are a thorough facility that can test, diagnose, treat (through surgery) and provide after-care to ensure they have a healthy recovery. We can handle fractures, tendon or ligament damage and dental diseases. For more information on our surgical services, call us at 250.598.4477.

What kind of surgeries do you perform at your facility?

Our hospital offers full surgical facilities with anesthetic and monitoring equipment and nursing care provided by our Registered Veterinary Technologists. In addition to spays and neuters, we offer a wide range of soft tissue surgery and many orthopedic surgeries including fracture repairs, cruciate repairs, and luxating patella repairs. Our hospital is a progressive practice and we are regularly updating our facility with new equipment.

What kind of aftercare do you provide for a pet’s post-surgery?

After surgery, we supply your pet with three of the most important forms of care; pain management, rehabilitation and rest. Pain management includes medicine, laser therapy and acupuncture. These treatments reduce tension in the afflicted area, while laser therapy can heal wounds. Rehabilitation services we provide, such as hydrotherapy and physical therapy, allow your pet’s muscles to be exercised and prevent them from getting stiff. When these three actions are combined, your pet is guaranteed a speedy recovery. Depending on the surgery your pet has, we will also request visits once a month (or two) after the procedure to monitor their progress and recommend new treatments.