Ultrasound and X-ray

Ultrasounds and X-rays are non-invasive diagnostic tools that allow us to see inside your pet and determine what is causing them problems. “Non-invasive” means it requires no insertion of any equipment underneath their skin and is painless. Ultrasound and X-rays give us a very clear image of your pet’s organs and skeletal system. We’ll know if your pet has swallowed an object, has a swollen organ or has growths developing on their bones. We will also be able to take samples from their afflicted area (this part is invasive) and test it on-site at our in-house laboratory. You’ll receive a diagnosis and results in real-time which enables us to recommend a treatment plan designed specifically for your pet. To learn more about our ultrasound and X-ray services, call us at 250.598.4477.

What is an ECG?

The Electrocardiogram, or ECG, is used to assess the health of your pet’s heart and lungs. This test searches for heart diseases (irregular heartbeats and poor blood flow) and respiratory issues, which focuses on your pet’s lungs. The ECG is performed in our hospital and the results are evaluated by a specialist who sends us a full report.

What is an Ultrasound?

We are now able to offer in-hospital ultrasound with a board eligible radiologist. Ultrasounds involve a probe that roams over your pet’s body to get a visual of their heart, intestines and more. We’re able to spot pregnancies using this tool, among other conditions.

What is Radiology (X-ray)?

Our hospital offers X-rays on site. We recently updated our digital X-ray equipment in 2019. Through radiology we’re able to get an outline of your pet’s internal system. We’ll be able to spot odd growths or liquid in their lungs and other abnormalities.