Veterinary Exam

Annual wellness examinations are mandatory checkups for your pet. A health exam by a veterinarian is the most important step a pet owner can take to ensure their pet’s well-being. Our furry companions are strong-willed animals. They may be domesticated but they will hide symptoms until they are severe due to their animal instinct to not appear weak or vulnerable. Annual examinations are key to identifying problems before they become a major illness. We will use this opportunity to search for illnesses, injuries or changes to their lifestyle, like their diet and weight. To schedule your pet’s next veterinary exam, give us a call at 250.598.4477.

What happens during a veterinary exam?

During your pet’s annual exam we will discuss your pet’s lifestyle and environment to determine which treatments are necessary for their health. We will examine their body, test their blood for parasites or abnormalities, and weigh them. If we spot any irregularities, we may request further testing to get a definitive diagnosis.

What kind of care do you provide senior pets?

We recommend senior pets have a health exam twice each year due to the many changes that occur with age. At a Senior Wellness Exam, our veterinarians will assess your senior pet for conditions, such as osteoarthritis, and answer any questions you may have about your pet’s nutrition, mobility and dental health.