Examinations and therapies to assist your pet in recovering from injuries.

At Hillside Veterinary Hospital, we provide an extensive range of rehabilitation services for your pet’s health care. We are proud to offer chiropractic, acupuncture, massages and sports therapy. We also own a state-of-the-art hydro treadmill for dogs. Our services help pets recover from surgery, injury and ailments related to old age. If you’re ready for your pet to see our certified rehabilitation technicians, call us today at 250-598-4477 to make an appointment.


How exactly does rehabilitative care help my pet?

Getting your pet specialized treatment for their pain or discomfort helps them recover faster. It also teaches them how to move their body without exacerbating their wound. Chiropractors will maintain the health of your pet’s spinal column and the nervous system it protects. They will help realign your pet’s bones and ensure their nerves are not damaged. Acupuncture and laser therapy motivate cells into a regenerative state. This leads to reduced inflammation and pain. Physical therapy, hydrotherapy and massages stimulate the area of concern and eases it back into use without worsening the condition. Without rehabilitative care, your pet may have difficulty returning to their normal physical behaviour.

Are there any techniques we can use at home to help them?

Yes! Our veterinarians will be able to show you physical therapy exercises you can do with your pet at home. Stretching and rehabilitation exercises help increase their range of motion and strengthen muscles, ligaments and tendons. With our help and our sessions, your pet will be back to speeding around the home in no time.

How do you determine the kind of rehabilitative care my pet needs?

During a 60-minute mobility assessment, we take a detailed history and assess your pet’s gait, body posture, weight distribution, muscle mass, and range of motion to identify muscular, skeletal and neurological abnormalities. A mobility assessment is usually the starting point to identify which rehabilitation modalities may be of benefit to your pet.

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