Weight Management

By achieving a healthy weight, your cat or dog will be less likely to develop underlying issues.

Obesity is common in the pet community. It can lead to arthritis, organ diseases or can worsen already existing medical conditions. Your pet losing or gaining weight could have many indications. Through physical examinations and diagnostic tests, we’ll be able to find the cause of their weight change and treat them as soon as possible. Weight management is one of many ways to keep your pet’s health in check. To learn more about how your pet can benefit from weight management, book a consultation by calling 250-598-4477.

Why must I rely on weight management when I can just help my pet lose weight at home?

Just like with humans, there are healthy and unhealthy ways to lose weight. Our veterinarians, dietitians and rehabilitative technicians will be able to guide you and your furry companion towards the healthiest options. Each weight-reduction plan is unique. We customize our dietary plans according to your pet’s medical history, pre-existing conditions and personality (because that’s much harder to change than their weight). We’ll be able to help your pet lose weight in a way that works for them and brings about the least amount of discomfort.

What services do you provide to help my pet lose weight?

Our hospital is staffed with a variety of experts who will be able to help you with the different elements of weight gain or loss. Dietitians can provide you with nutritional counselling, which includes prescription diets and supplements that ensure your pet is getting the right vitamins and minerals while on their journey. Our rehabilitative services, such as physical therapy and hydrotherapy, get your pet moving! Our weight management consultations are a great way to monitor your pet’s success, through weigh-ins and physical examinations. Depending on your pet’s progress or concerns that you share, we’ll offer you new food or techniques to try.

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